How To Identify Counterfeit Money

How to identify counterfeit money is something many business owners would like to know.

There are six primary areas that you can check to Identify Counterfeit Money:

1) the portrait,
2) the seals,
the border,
serial numbers,
5) the paper and
the raised notes.

First you should look carefully at the portrait. Always look at the quality of the printing and the paper. Never look for similarities, always check for differences.

On a legitimate bill the portrait will look lifelike and stand out clearly from the rest of the background. A counterfeit bill will typically have a portrait that looks lifeless and flat with the details often merging into the rest of the background causing it to look dark and mottled.

Next is the Federal Reserve and Treasury Seals. On a legitimate seal all the points on the saw-toothed seal are very clear and sharp. On counterfeit bills these points are often uneven, blunt or broken.

The border is the third thing to consider when comparing bills. On a legitimate bill the lines in the border will be unbroken, sharp and clear. On counterfeit bills it is often difficult to keep them straight so the line on the border are often blurred and indistinct.

Fourth to consider is the serial numbers. Legitimate bills have serial numbers that are distinctive in style and evenly spaced from each other.

The color of the serial numbers is the same as that used on the Treasury Seal. With counterfeit bills the color of the serial numbers is often different from the Treasury Seal and the numbers themselves are often not uniformly aligned or spaced.

Next to consider is the paper itself. In a legitimate bill there are small blue and red fibers embedded in the paper. Makers of counterfeit money will often attempt to print tiny blue and red lines to make the paper look legitimate.

However, using close inspection you can often tell the colors are printed on the surface of the paper rather than being embedded within the paper.

Finally you should consider the raised notes. Some counterfeiters will attempt to alert legitimate bills in an effort to raise their value. The most common of these methods is to glue the numbers from other notes to the corners. So check the corners of your bills for any inconsistencies.

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