What is a Currency Validator Pen and How Does it Work?

There are felt tip pens that use an iodine solution to detect counterfeit bills. These pens work by helping to identify any computer-generated bills made by counterfeiters.

The United States Secret Service started that in 1995 only one-half of one percent of counterfeit money that they confiscated were done using computers and printers of some kind.

However, by 2000 the number of computer generated counterfeit money was up to forty-five percent and it continuing to climb today.

Currency Validator Pens are not a completely fool-proof way of detecting counterfeit bills, but they are effective. They work by having the iodine solution interact with the starch that is often found in copy paper with a wood-base which is used in most printers today.

The benefit of a Currency Validator Pen is that they are very easy to use and need no special training to operate. Employees simply mark a small line on a bill to check and see if it is counterfeit. If the paper is wood-based then a dark brown or black mark will appear on the bill. There will be no markings on an legitimate bill.

Currency Validator Pens are cheap to purchase and can be used up to three thousand times before needing to be replaced. Currency Validator Pens allow employees to solve the largest part of the counterfeit money production today and it takes very little time to do so.

Putting a small mark on a bill is much easier and quicker than having an employee check over a large denomination bill for any irregularities.

Today, few counterfeit operators use presses and special papers to produce money which makes it easier to spot counterfeit bills.

Most counterfeit operators today use color printers to make bills that look real enough at first glance that no one will do anything about checking to see if it is counterfeit.

However, this not only makes it easier to spot counterfeit money but it makes it necessary to check for counterfeit money since a counterfeit bill can look normal at first glance.

A Counterfeit Money Detector could be the solution to your problem as well.