Cashscan 1800

The Cashscan 1800 money detection prodcut verifies U.S. currency including new updated U.S. currency; an alarm sound and RED light indicate if the bill is counterfeit. Inside the Cashscan 1800 is a built-in microprocessor, which can detect even today's most sophisticated counterfeit bills. Auto-feed and portability makes these models excellent choices.

The Cashscan 1800 is compact, lightweight, portable counterfeit product. The unit can be powered by the 110/220 switchable power supply (included) or on six "AA" batteries. The Cashscan 1800 also comes with a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

The Cashscan 1800 model is upgradeable for future releases of U.S. Currency.

Cashscan Features

  • Magnetic Detection
  • Highest degree of security in the industry
  • Detects up to 21 countries
  • Confirms authenticity
  • Effective against counterfeit bills
  • Multiple Speeds: 900-1500 notes/minute
  • Extremely effective against counterfeit bills after 1991
Cashscan 1800 $179.00 ea. (3-5) $169.00 ea. (6+) $159.00 ea.