Counterfiet Cop will help detect: Counterfeit currency, Altered and Fake ID's and Preroduced Checks

Counterfeit Cop History

The Counterfeit Cop ™ was designed by two retired United States CIA Agents who recognized the need for an effective approach to identifying counterfeit money.

In 1996, to counteract increased counterfeiting, the US Treasury launched a redesigned currency. This currency made use of a covert UV security thread that was difficult to duplicate. In 2002, the U.S. Treasury Department announced plans to add additional security features, due to the dramatic rise in counterfeiting.

Two CIA agents recognized that the ability to identify counterfeit money was going to be the key to taking advantage of these new security measures. They felt it was important, that a simple to use device be developed to offer users a fast method for testing documents.

After years of research and developing prototypes the product was launched and aptly named "Counterfeit Cop ™."

Immediately, distributors were identified and businesses and security organizations worldwide began implementing this inexpensive device to identify fraudulent documents. Today many businesses appreciate having an effective tool to check currency and other documents.

In the aftermath of 9/11, the United States is more security conscious and many organizations are using the "Counterfeit Cop ™" to detect fraudulent Drivers License, Passports and Visas.

Counterfeit Cop Overview

The Counterfeit Cop ™ will protect your business against losses attributed to the acceptance of fraudulent payment and identification. The presence of the "Cop" acts as a deterrent to criminals attempting to pass phony documents.

The Counterfeit Cop ™ is an electronic device that employs Both Ultra Violet and incandescent light technology to help detect:

- Counterfeit Currency - Domestic & International
- Altered and Fake ID's
- Fake Driver's and Pilot's Licenses
- Reproduced Government and Personal Checks
- Phony INS Documents
- Fraudulent Event Tickets
- Reproduced Casino Chips

The Counterfeit Cop ™ can confirm genuine documents that include the use of special papers, polymer threads, imbedded holograms, fluorescent inks, and hidden watermarks. In addition, the Counterfeit Cop ™ is easy to use and takes up very little space. All you need is a single standard outlet and minimal training.

The Counterfeit Cop™'s UV bulb has more than double the wattage of competing devices. This makes the detection of the security thread quick and easy.

How It Works

The Counterfeit Cop™ is a superior detection device because it evaluates multiple security elements with one pass of the document. You can even run several through at one time.

The Counterfeit Cop™ UV light source is activated by a small switch on the right hand side of the device. Pressing down on the spring mounted base plate activates the incandescent light. The Counterfeit Cop™ has a ballast which regulates an even flow of electricity to both light sources. The ballast allows for the base plate light to be used at the same time as the UV light, and will prevent power surges so it is safe to use in the same outlet as your cash registers.

When it's real, the Counterfeit Cop™ displays:

- Color coded security threads
- hidden holograms
- authentic currency does not fluoresce under ultraviolet light
- and watermarks

When it is fraudulent, the Counterfeit Cop™ displays:

- Currency is missing the ultraviolet color-coded threads
- the paper glows bright from high starch or bleach on counterfeits
- security holograms and watermarks do not show
- any alterations are detectable


Counterfeit Cop (1-5) $129.95 ea. (6-25) $119.95.00 ea.