Counterfeit Currency Pens

If you are looking for an inexpensive and simple way to detect counterfeit currency our Counterfeit Pens are just what you need. Used in over 200 countries, you can get your point across to counterfeiters that their bills are not worth the paper they're printed on. Our Counterfeit Pens meet US Federal currency laws: it Does Not deface legal US currency.

Simply touch the tip of the counterfeit pen to the currency you wish to check. Our special New Generation Ink disappears if the bill is good. If the ink immediately turns dark brown or black the bill is suspect. Because our special New Generation Ink in the Counterfeit Pen reacts to the paper used in US and most foreign currency, the dark brown mark will permanently show any suspect counterfeit bill.

Southern California is the counterfeit capital of the World. MILLIONS of counterfeit bills are in circulation here, with every place of business that handles money is a potential target.

Our Counterfeit Pens work on most international non-paper currencies. Click Here to see if your country will benifet from our Counterfeit Pen.

Counterfeit Currency Pen Leaves No Mark if the bill is good!
Does not dry out if cap is temporarily left off pen!
Outperforms other competitive brands 6 to 1!
Makes up to 20,000 tests; lasts 6 times longer and doesn't dry out quickly like inferior pens!
Inexpensive enough to have at every register!

Min. 3 Counterfeit Currency Pens $5.95 ea. (1-3) $4.95 ea. (4-23)
$3.95 (24-96) Call for pricing with the purches of 96+ pens.

Counterfeit Currency Pen will aproximatly last for 30,000 tests.