Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

How long does the Counterfeit Currency Pen last?'s Counterfeit Currency Pen is known for it's longevity. If used properly it can mark up to 20,000 bills before drying up.

What makes's Counterfeit Currency Pen better than the rest?

That is the best question you can ask! The reason our Counterfeit Currency Pen is best available on the market is because it lasts 6 times longer to inferior pens and doesn't dry out quickly! Not to mention we have what's called "New Generation Ink". "New Generation Ink" is the secret formula that helps detect phoney money. This "New Generation Ink" meets all US Federal Currency laws.

Does the Counterfeit Currency Pen stain money?
No. If the note is authentic the Currency Pen will leave a light yellow mark that will fade away in a matter of seconds . If the note is counterfeit the mark will remain dark brown.

Will the Counterfeit Currency Pens really help prevent counterfeit money being used?

Yes! Not only is this pen extremely accurate in detecting counterfeit money but it scares away counterfeit criminals. It's often been said that the pen works best before it is even used. Many times just having the pen in sight or displayed at a register keeps counterfeit criminals from even trying to use fake money.

What kind of establishments can use's Counterfeit Currency Pen?
All kinds of businesses use the Counterfeit Currency Pen. If your company deals with money then you should have this pen! Some of the more popular buyers are Hotels, Restaurants, Banks, Clubs, Grocery Stores, Swap Meets, Airports, Department/Retail Stores, Fast Food Restaurants and Convenience/Drug Stores.

I'm confused! Which counterfeit product should I purchase?
It really depends based on your needs and budget. Take a look at our comparison chart.

What happens when the currency changes? Will my device be outdated and worthless?

That's a good question because it's true that the U.S. Currency is always changing. If U.S. Currency changes you can return your Counterfeit Currency Device and we are able to upgrade the software components.

General Questions

Why is United States currency being changed?

"United States paper money is being changed to stay ahead of savvy counterfeiters" - U.S. Bureau of Printing & Engraving
Even the U.S. government is acknowledging the struggle to fight against counterfeit criminals. Counterfeiting is a huge problem worldwide and one of the main reasons is due to establishments not protecting themselves.

Why add color to United States paper money?
Color makes it more burdensome for potential currency counterfeiters because it adds complexity to the bills, and it makes it easier to distinguish denominations.

While consumers should not use color to verify the authenticity of their money, it does have a practical advantage, particularly for individuals with low vision, because different colors make it easier to tell denominations apart.

How long has been in business? has been selling Counterfeit Detection Devices since 1998. We have a wide range of customers from all over the nation.